About KaliKat


Welcome to my little corner!

I’m Kali: wife, mom to an (almost) one year old, food experimenter, constant learner, question asker and dessert enthusiast.

Before we get started there are somethings you should know:

This is my husband, Kiamarz. He is in charge of all the back end stuff and will soon be writing blogs on how you can get started with your own blog! We have been married for several years, but have been dating since the beginning of time. He is Persian, loud, full of laughter, and makes me laugh every single day.

me and kia



We are vegetarians. Wait, scratch that, pescatarians. Which means we occasionally eat fish. I seriously can’t wait to eat sushi again once the baby comes!

We stopped eating all other meats about three years ago. We wanted to see if it made a difference in our health and overall well-being. We began by cutting out meats in breakfast and lunch and then we added in meatless Monday. It was much easier than I expected and left us feeling great so we decided to just go all the way! All the recipes you will find here are vegetarian and/or pescatarian and many will be vegan as well.

I love to cook and learn new recipes! I enjoy making foods that are easy, delicious, and quick! I have a love affair with my crock pot. I love all desserts. Like really, all of them. I hate coconut, so I don’t cook with coconut oil ever because I can taste it over everything else. I’m a very messy cook. My kitchen will look like a tornado hit while I am cooking. Especially if I am making many different things! I also won’t claim to be a great cook. I like recipes, but I don’t always measure ingredients. Some of my meals come out AH-MAZING and others… well, some are just inedible. Which is saying a lot because my husband generally tends to eat and love everything!

We also have three cats that have been our babies for the last five years: Johnny, Vincent, and Ari. We added the cat on the end, Morgan, two years ago. So you will probably see them pop up in my blog too!

Cat Collage


So stick around, come back often, and join me on my cooking and new mommy journey!