DIY Toddler Canvas Art

DIY Toddler Canvas Art

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So, I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, but with the holidays coming up, I figured this would be the perfect time to post about creating Toddler Canvas Art! Logan and I created this awesome canvas art for a Father’s Day gift, but this project would make excellent Christmas, holiday or birthday gifts! You can create a personalized and fun gift for mom, dad or grandparents.

logan collage

We moved last year and I was planning on using the bedroom in the basement as a guest room, but as the amount of toys Logan has grows, the more and more we are needing a playroom. So I have given up my idea of having a sweet guest pad for a cool playroom. I want to do a large canvas project like this to add some color and fun to the room. The possibilities of what you and your child can create and what to create it for are endless!
canvas with tapepaint with tape








This project is so easy, inexpensive and only semi-messy!

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Here’s what you’ll need:

What to do:

  1. Choose a pattern for your canvas (or none at all) and apply the painters tape. If you want it to be symmetrical, you could use a ruler to measure, however, I just eye-balled the tape and hoped it looked even! Make sure to press down on the tape to preventative the paint getting underneath the tape and to keep your lines straight. If you are painting more than one canvas (like mine), tape the canvases together if you want the colors to flow nicely from one canvas to the next (ie match).
  2. Give your child a paintbrush and if they are older, you could put dollops of paint on a paper plate and let them choose the color. However, for younger children, I found it’s best to just put dollops of paint onto the actual canvas. Also, then you have some color control so it doesn’t all look brown at the end. Also, Logan couldn’t quite get the hang of the paintbrush, so he just used his hands to spread the paint around. I did have to encourage him to get messy!
  3. Let the paint dry completely and then peel the tape off slowly. Use a pen to write your child’s name and date.
  4. My favorite way to hang prints on the wall are using these Velcro attachments. If you ever need to move the print or photo, it is so easy to peel it from the wall.
  5. Enjoy your work!

finished canvas

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