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Postpartum Must Haves

I am now three months postpartum and was recently putting away my postpartum essentials basket and realized I didn’t use everything in my basket, so I wanted to do a quick update to my previous Postpartum Essentials post. There are a few items that really stood out as postpartum winners and they are a MUST HAVE if you ask me.

This is based on my personal experience and you may have a different experience than I did. I also was in the hospital for three days after I had my baby, so they provided me with ice packs, pads, mesh underwear, Tucks Pads, Ibuprofen, and pain relieving spray/foam.

Must haves:

  • Peri Bottle – You will need this. The hospital should give you one, but I bought an extra one so I could be prepared in both of my bathrooms.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm – First of all, I love this company. All of their products are awesome, but this one in particular is simply amazing. I will never have a baby without this product and I really can’t recommend it enough. There are tons of people who recommend Dermoplast, which I did have, but rarely used. I would chose the Bottom Balm before Dermoplast. If there is one item you take away from this post, this should be it. It helps heal and soothe after labor. I would put this on every time I went to the bathroom and I really think it’s one of the reasons why I healed so quickly. It is fairly expensive for such a tiny amount, but honestly, I would pay anything for this stuff!
  • Tucks Pads – Another must! What I would do is put on Bottom Balm and layer my pad with Tucks Pads. It was so soothing and made me feel so much better! I did receive these in the hospital, but went through a ton at home. Next time, I will have a large stock of these!
  • Pads – Obviously you need these. However, I had purchased a ton of the thicker pads, but didn’t really use them as much. I did spend three days in the hospital though, so I did use the thick pads there, but at home I used way more of the thinner pads. I mainly used the thicker pads for night time. However, this is from my personal experience, so you may have more postpartum bleeding than I did.
  • Underwear – I did go out and buy some cheap(ish) boy short underwear before I delivered. I did like the mesh underwear from the hospital, but definitely wanted “real” underwear for at home. These boy shorts were perfect to hold everything in place!
  • Ibuprofen – Definitely need. It helps with the pain and swelling. I did receive a prescription from my doctor before leaving the hospital, but I had some at home just in case.
  • Colace – This helps to ease your first bowel movement after delivery. You will most likely need this. I began taking it right after I left the hospital ‘just in case’ and will do so for every baby. However, I think the fear instilled in me reading about “the first poop,” made me super nervous, but it wasn’t too bad.
  • Earth Mama Angel Bottom Spray – After about the first week or so, I didn’t really need Tucks Pads and Bottom Balm constantly. I would use this Bottom Spray instead. Not as good as the Bottom Balm, but still soothing.

What I did not use:

  • Padsicles – I made a ton of these for my freezer and I think I used maybe two. Some people swear by them, but they are not for me. While I was in the hospital, I was given ice packs that were perfect. After I was home, I tried to use the Padsicles, but they were just too wet feeling. Maybe at that point I didn’t need them anymore. Next time, I will probably just keep ice packs ready in my freezer.
  • Nipple Cream – I didn’t (and haven’t) needed nipple cream while nursing. I did use coconut oil while I was learning/getting used to pumping.
  • Dermoplast – I did try to use this, but honestly, the Bottom Balm helped me more than anything. I was given a similar pain relieving spray and foam while I was in the hospital and did use it for those first few days. However, after I went home, I stuck to Tucks and Bottom Balm.
  • Nursing Pads – I haven’t had any leaking at all. Luckily, I received many of my nursing pads for free in registry gift bags, so I’ll just hold on to them for next time.

What are your postpartum must haves?


postpartum must haves

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      Hi Amy!

      The purple ice packs are to use hot or cold for breastfeeding. You can use them hot during or before pumping for breast feeding to help the milk flow better or they can be used for cold to help ease swelling. I only needed to use them once when I had mastitis. I would use cold for 10 min and then hot for 10 min. It did help reduce the pain and swelling. I purchased them in a breast feeding “kit” from Lansinoh, but you can purchase them alone. Here is an Amazon link:

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