Easy Pickled Jalapenos

Currently I am about 6 months pregnant (26 weeks to be exact). I’ve had a really great pregnancy so far and have enjoyed being pregnant for the most part. Who doesn’t want to eat delicious foods all the time?!

Last week, I wanted guacamole. And by wanted, I mean, I NEEDED. There was one issue: I didn’t have any pickled jalapenos in the house! The guacamole I usually make includes a few chopped rings of pickled jalapeno and it really adds a ton of flavor that I NEEDED.

We were already headed out to Trader Joe’s to grab a coupe things, so I figured I would just pick up some pickled jalapenos there.

Then tragedy struck: Trader Joe’s (or at least my location) doesn’t carry them! What?! Oh, how you disappointed me, TJ’s.

So I thought to myself that there has to be an easy way to make them, right? I’ve made pickles before, how hard could it be? Turns out, not hard at all! I grabbed a bunch of jalapenos and gathered a few different recipes.

And it is SO easy! But here’s the thing, pickled things all need time to marry. Sad face. My guacamole didn’t come out quite as good as normal (but I still ate just about all of it… whoops) and now I have this delightful jar just brewing in my fridge for future use!

I’m not a huge spicy fan. I like jalapenos IN other foods, but straight up? No, thank you. So I did keep making my husband try them. The first few days they were still too crunchy and HOT. Even for my husband who has a very high tolerance for spicy foods. After about 7 days, they had become softer and really tasty! I would definitely recommend letting these sit for 7 to 10 days before they are ready.

The longer they sit, the better they get!

Pickled Jalepenos

Pickled Jalapenos


¾ c water

¾ c white vinegar

3 tbl white sugar

1 tbl minced garlic

½ tsp oregano

8-10 jalapeno peppers, slice into rings

Mason jar (for this recipe, I used 8 jalapenos and one small mason jar)


  • Combine water, vinegar, sugar, kosher salt, garlic, and oregano in a saucepan over high heat.
  • Bring mixture to a boil, stir in jalapeno peppers and remove from heat. Let mixture cool for 10 minutes.
  • Pack peppers into jar (I only used one small mason jar for 8 jalapenos).
  • Pour vinegar mixture into jar, seal, and refrigerate when cool.
  • Best if used after 7-10 days. (The longer you wait, the better they get!)

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      They are really, really good! They have so much flavor. Way better than store bought. I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

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